The KiND story

'If you can be anything in life… be kind'

Charlotte & Mieke, founders of KiND

Being kind is free, fun and you will never regret it. Do you want to know how we became KiND?

Once upon a time… there was this Dutch chick Charlotte living in Cape Town, Tamboerskloof with her husband and son. Her new next door neighbor Mieke turned out to be this cool fellow Dutchie. They cooked, they hiked, they drank and became instant friends. They gave up their day jobs and started a company: KiND.

The end.

This is the short version. Up for the longer one?

We are both born and bred in the Netherlands and didn’t even know of each others existence, until we both decided to move to South Africa. We moved here for different reasons, but there was a true love for this beautiful country and it's people.

Becoming a mother of James (2016, Charlotte) and Thomas (2018, Mieke) changed our lives completely (no surprise). We quickly realised that moving to another country is one thing, but raising your child in another country is a whole different story. Living in South Africa made us both aware of the everyday choices that impact the world surrounding us. Our goal: learning our boys to be kind, kind to others and kind to the world they live in. 

After our babies were born, we both found ourselves shopping for organic baby clothing in Europe, dragging it back in our suitcases to South Africa. That made us realize: "If we are in love with this organic baby and kids wear from Europe, why not share it with moms in South Africa?"

KiND is kind for newborns and kids. KiND curates the nicest, luxury organic brands from Europe, starting with the famous Amsterdam brand Gray Label. The Gray Label range varies from organic newborns clothes to organic apparel for kids up until ten years old. Why European brands? Because they have it all figured out there: fashionable, unisex, basic, organic, quality clothing that doesn't weigh on the environment like conventional clothing does.  

We firmly believe in good quality baby and kids wear. Our motto: buy less, choose better. Invest in quality clothing that can be washed a million times and that can be passed on from one sibling to the next, instead of buying cheaper stuff that loses it's shape and colour after a few washes.

We would love to take you along on our KiND journey of motherhood and the bumpy road that is called 'starting your own company'. We will share the ups and downs and some of our personal favorites. Also stay tuned for: style advise, new brands and collections. And lists of the best hotspots in our home country. Because you never know where your KiND story will lead you ;).

KiND regards,

Mieke & Charlotte