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KiND Cares

Thank you for being KiND

As long as there has been KIND, there has been KIND Cares, be it in the background. KIND Cares is the charity part of our little company as giving back feels like second nature in this beautiful country we live in.                    
As KIND grew so did the projects for KIND Cares. During the first COVID months we supplied hand sanitizer and hand wash, followed by newborn and baby essentials for babies born during COVID, food parcels and clothes. We also helped with mental health coaching for children in communities around Cape Town.                                                  
KIND started because of our love of Circular Fashion and that still is our big passion. Extending the life of garments and buying consciously is our true life goal. Buy less,choose better. We support slow fashion and sustainability, believing that high quality clothes should be worn and loved by more than one family. Please read everything on the pre-loved section. All pre-loved proceeds will be given to charity.                                              
Oh and did you know that for every shipment we donate to the amazing Tree Aid. Helping them to tackle poverty and protect the environment by growing trees.                                              
We might be small but together we can make a big difference!