About KiND

Welcome to KiND Organic Essentials, a Cape Town-based concept store that's leading the way in organic baby, kids, and moms' wear and accessories. Our exclusive range of modern European brands, including Gray Label, Beach & Bandits, Studio Noos, Daily Brat, and Kenko, are truly one-of-a-kind and unmatched in quality.

At KiND, we understand that the fashion industry's sustainability is a complex issue, but we're not ones to shy away from a challenge. That's why we're passionate advocates of the "buy less, choose better" philosophy.

As a small business, we're committed to making a big impact. We operate primarily on a pre-order basis and have limited stock, carefully curated from brands that share our values of sustainability and consciousness. We prioritize biodegradable packaging, GOTS certification, non-toxic dying, and clothing that's designed to last beyond just one season. Although we know there's still much work to be done, we're dedicated to taking small steps every day to make a difference.

Here at KiND, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community. We are excited to announce that our pre-loved collection will be making a comeback soon, offering high-quality secondhand clothes at affordable prices. As part of our sustainability efforts, the proceeds from the sales will be donated to various charities. We are grateful to have our customers join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and kinder future.