About KiND

How it all started...

Buy less choose better. 

It all started with this to be exact...& my little one being born in a world of mass-production & overconsumption. I’ve begun to ask myself how much do we really need & how can I be more thoughtful about what I buy. Invest in quality eco-friendly clothes that can be passed on from older siblings to younger ones. 

Sustainability in the fashion world is a complicated matter. The whole industry is non-transparent to a large degree, & fast fashion doesn’t make things better. I know we are very small but I still feel that the need to act & inspire. Although at times this too can be very challenging for a small business owner in the fashion world. 

We promote a pre order concept; which means stock is limited & we buy what you need, carefully choosing brands with sustainable & conscious collections. Brands that are working towards a better world with biodegradable packaging, GOTS certification, nontoxic dying & garments that last way beyond fashion seasons. I know we are not there yet, not at all, but we are making small steps every day. 

I am fully aware that children cannot wear their clothes for 10years, but they can be handed down to younger siblings or the items can be pre loved. We believe that high quality clothing should be worn by more than one family. It serves two purposes: together we create less waste &

We give other families access to affordable quality clothing. The profit of our Pre Loved collection is donated towards charity.