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About KiND

We are KiND.

KiND for others, the planet and ourselves. We curate conscious lifestyle and clothing brands for little ones and promote slow fashion. A concept where sustainable high quality childrens wear will be reused.

In a world of mass-production and overconsumption we ask you to be thoughtful about what you buy and how much we need. Our motto: buy less, choose better. Invest in quality organic clothes that can be passed on from older siblings to younger ones. 

We are passionate about slow fashion and mindful about purchasing. That is why we started the KiND Pre-Loved movement. It serves two purposes: together we create less waste and we give other families access to affordable quality clothing. 

KiND holds minimal stock and works on a pre-order basis. Please sign up for our newsletter and be the first to order. This is how pre-ordering works
Be KiND. 
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