About KiND

KiND was established in August 2018 by Mieke van den Berk and Charlotte Olthoff.

When we discovered that there is a big demand for high quality children's clothing in South Africa, we decided to bring in luxury kids brands from Europe:  Gray Label and Beach & Bandits.

KiND holds minimal stock, but we hold regular pre-order rounds. Please sign up for our newsletter and we'll let you know when pre-orders open. This is how pre-ordering works
Our motto: buy less, choose better. Invest in quality organic clothes that can be washed a million times and will still keep their shape, allowing you to pass them on from older siblings to younger ones.

We are passionate about slow fashion and mindful about purchasing. That is why we started the KiND Pre Loved movement. Consider donating the garments that you've purchased at KiND and receive a shop credit that you can spend on future purchases in return.  

KiND Pre Loved serves two purposes: together we create less waste and we give other families access to affordable quality clothing

Let's leave this world a better place than how we have found it and let's educate future generations about the importance of garments that are produced in an organic and sustainable way. 

KiND is the new cool.
Be part of our world.
Be KiND. 

Love, Mieke & Charlotte 

Charlotte Olthoff and Mieke van den Berk

Charlotte Olthoff and Mieke van den Berk, founders KiND.