Kenkô Eau de Toilette Lilja
Kenkô Eau de Toilette Lilja
Kenkô Eau de Toilette Lilja
Kenkô Eau de Toilette Lilja
Kenkô Eau de Toilette Lilja


Kenkô Eau de Toilette Lilja

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Inspired by and created in collaboration with three mothers, Nina Pierson, Lucy Woesthoff and Thammy Salcedo, we are proud to release three unique Eau de Toilettes for kids (4Y+), happiness in the bottle. Every scent aims to epitomise joyful moments and store in a beautiful glass bottle unforgettable family memories.

With these 100% natural Eau de Toilettes, we want to honour your bond with your child and offer a chance to choose together a scent that will envelop your precious one with mother’s love and be an expression of the loveliest childhood memories.

The scent Lilja brought to life by Nina Pierson, co-founder of the organic salad bar chain SLA, author of bestselling book Mama’en and De Geboortebundel and mother of three. “My inspiration for this scent comes from the Swedish summers, where it never gets dark, going barefoot outsides, picking wild raspberries, and, of course, lilies of the valley.” – describes Nina.

Lilja offers a comforting, sweet and clean fragrance of lily of the valley*, raspberry leaf, magnolia leaf, hint of vanilla, bergamot, narcissus, and petitgrain.
*Since the natural lily of the valley oil is not available, and we only want to create 100% natural fragrances, we have mimicked the feel and smell of that rare flower with jonquil leaves and petitgrain.

About Kenkô
The products of Kenkô capture the intimate bond between mother and child. We translated the intuitive recognition between mother and child into a skincare line in which the formulation and fragrances are closely linked. The best quality ingredients and a unique scent experience are the forefront of Kenkô products.
A scent forever entwined with the beautiful memories of motherhood.

Kenkô can be used throughout pregnancy and develops alongside mother and child. While the products may be packaged separately, the design on the boxes transitions seamlessly from one to the other.
The sleeve that envelops the products makes them one, just like mother and child.