How our name KiND came about

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'Being kind is free and works in every situation'
Charlotte (co-founder KiND)

Let me tell you how our name KiND came about.

My son James’ favourite book is The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson. It is about a scruffy giant in a worn dress that goes to a new shop in town to buy a whole new outfit.

Helping animals in need
On his way home the now smartest giant in town meets a lot of animals in need. There is this giraffe that has a cold neck. He receives the giants new tie to keep warm. The giant gifts his shoe to a family of mice whose house burned down. And a goat on a sailing boat that lost its sail, uses the friendly giant’s shirt to sail home. And so on until the giant has no smart clothes left. (P.s. James particularly loves the page where the giants pants fall down). 

He goes back to the shop for new clothes, but the shop is closed. Luckily he finds his old worn clothes in a bag outside. He puts them on and now he is the scruffiest giant in town again. That makes him very sad.

When he arrives home he finds all the animals he met along the way at his door. They gift him a crown and a card. On the card it says: ‘Here is a very fine crown, for the kindest giant in town’.

That is where we found the inspiration for the name of our company KiND. It reminds us to be kind. Whenever, wherever.

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Don't judge a book by its cover
I teach my son James (2 years old) that when you are kind to others, they will be kind in return. He now waves and says 'Hi' to a lot of people we meet when walking to and from his crèche in Tamboerskloof. He waves to painters, the bus chauffeurs, the ladies at the till, his teachers, the elderly lady with the dog. And (almost) everyone greets him back with a big smile and a kind word. It teaches him to have a wide view on the world and not to judge a book by it’s cover. And that being kind is free and works in every situation.

Apart from the fact that KiND means nice and gentle, as is our approach on baby and children’s clothing because we only sell organic kids clothing brands, kind also means ‘kid’ or ‘child’ in Dutch and Afrikaans.

We are pretty proud of our business name and what it stands for. It remembers us to be kind. Always.

KiND regards and kisses,

Charlotte (co-founder KiND)

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