62 food parcels donated that feed a family for a month!

Dear clients and Dutch friends, 

thanks again for your immense support! It is amazing to see how people work together and do good during a crisis. 

Good news: we have managed to make two massive donations (well, we sure think they are massive as they make a big change).

62 food parcels donated that feed a family for a month
As the need for food parcels is rising due to this economic crisis, we have decided to support the Lunchbox Fund's Relief Feeding Program with your last round of donations. Together we have raised 25.000 rands and that equals 62 food parcels that feed a family of 4 people for an entire month!

About the Lunchbox Fund
Since 2005, the Lunchbox Fund (LBF) has been offering targeted nutrition to vulnerable children in primary and secondary schools and after-school programs. LBF is currently reaching 30,000 food-insecure children each school day, at 800 schools nationwide in South Africa. During COVID-19, they have pivoted their nutrition program into a Relief Feeding Program. This program is aimed to deliver food parcels to the families of the children who attend their schools, as well as to broaden their reach to include people requiring food support identified through their on-the-ground local partners.

Collaboration Vitol Foundation & KiND Cares
The second donation is a collaboration between KiND Cares and the Vitol Foundation. They generously donated 70.000 rands (3430 euros) towards Philisa Abafazi. This organization empowers abused women and children in the struggling Lavender Hill Community in the Cape Flats. Now, during the Covid-19 crisis this organization hands out food parcels in their community.

Dear friends, every donation counts
Let’s unite and reach out to all those other vulnerable families that still don't have access to food, so they can feed their children and themselves during this challenging time.

South Africans, please donate here:
Olivia Orange PTY ltd
Account nr: 62759855681
PoP: hello@kind.co.za
Reference: Your name and KiND Cares 

We'll keep you updated!

Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy. 

X Charlotte & Mieke