Organic cotton & bamboo knits

Silky soft organic cotton & bamboo blend hand knitted jerseys locally made in the South (Noordhoek).

The jerseys are made from 50% organic cotton 50% bamboo yarn. The yarn is dyed and balled by ladies living in rural economically depressed areas in South Africa. Supporting us helps us to support these talented ladies. It’s a cycle.  

Size Chart

XS | 1 - 2 Y     S | 3-4 Y      M | 5-6 Y      L | 7-8 Y

Please request for sizes and prices below 1Y and above 8Y. 

Please allow 2 weeks lead time. Hand wash and dry flat


Why organic cotton and bamboo?  

Organic cotton is better for the environment and your skin. Non-organic cotton is farmed with the assistance of pesticides, insecticides  & fertilisers. This ends up in our air & water streams which is damages the environment. These chemicals also don’t just disappear when the cotton transforms into yarn. Wearing non-organically grown clothing exposes your skin to these chemicals, which is your biggest organ. If you eat organic food, why not wear organic clothing?  Organic cotton & bamboo is hypoallergenic which prevents skin irritation. Bamboo is a great insulator, keeps you warm

And remember... just like all our other organic sustainable items once your child has outgrown them please return them for a credit.